Episod 182 : Don’t Do Nothing

It’s been quite a while since I wrote the last post. So I have to update SK even just a bit. This is my 2nd post in English, since I intended to tell certain quotes which I wrote earlier in English. There are times beautiful quotes came out of no where from your thoughts,triggered when somebody asked something. As a personal record, I have to write it down here.

A : I don’t know what I am doing is right. I am supposed to study, tomorrow is final exam, while I’m still ‘facebook’ing.

Me : Its okay. When you live a life, god doesn’t ask you to stand up all day long. Thats why people invented comfortable beds.

B : I think I’ve done nothing. I feel bad about this

Me : At least nothing is better than dying, right?

C : I feel like I have nothing to do.

Me : When you are given a lot of colours, why you paint white?

D : You must be disappointed right?

Me : Life offers you too much happiness, why should you sad over a small thing?

E : Sometimes life is cruel.

Me : If you’re going to cook a good meal, you must add some sugar, salt, spices and everything to make it delicious. That goes to life as well. You are having a ‘delicous’ life indeed later!

F : There should be a replacement for you.

Me : Naah, I don’t care about the replacement. Just, I am wondering, the journey must be interesting on what He has planned on me with such test, after this.

G : Do you read all those books?

Me : I prefer saying – copying experiences, and yes.

H : You can’t do it

Me : [monologue] When someone says I can’t do something, I will fight to prove that I can.


Sometimes, what you say motivates yourself too. These are all I remembered, and I will update when this – what we call as ILHAM – came out again.


4 Responses to Episod 182 : Don’t Do Nothing

  1. Sarah Maimun Aqsha berkata:

    Indeed, words have power! as I always believe,”you are what you say”, it even can creates the positive environment around you!~
    anyway, thanks for the sharing~

    P/s: Passion speaks louder than skills, I wonder where did I hear this quote?;)

  2. Naseemussobah berkata:

    This is a very interesting dialogue 🙂
    2 : 216

  3. M. berkata:

    sometimes, too beat your inner thoughts is what you have to do , and keep moving. may Allah blessed …

  4. M. berkata:

    its to not too.. soryy ye 😀

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