Episod 170 : Taking Architecture – Unprepared?

Dalam tempoh sebulan dua ini, kesempatan saya untuk menulis tidaklah banyak. Saya terlalu banyak memcari ‘review’ dan ‘assignment’, kerana semester ini saya mengambil kredit yang agak banyak. Tugasan juga terlalu banyak, jadi untuk tidak membiarkan blog Seni Kehidupan, saya selitkan jawapan (dalam Bahasa Inggeris) berdasarkan soalan yang ditanya menerusi emel, tentang dunia ‘architecture’. Syukran.

salam im Aisyah Fatihah.and insyaAllah.im going to take archi at GOMBAK.BUT im not sure if i can join archi because im not really good in design.but im really want to an architrect and im really love design.and to know how archi’s life in Gombak and as a new student what should we do to be the best student there?and what preparation i should do before enter Gombak?
Answer :

Wsalam Aisyah Fatihah.
It would be my pleasure to answer question like this. Well, situation like this always happens to students, especially for those who are ready to decide their choice for major course. Of course it wouldn’t be easy.
My answer is this : Aim your best mountain!

Before I explain my analogy above, I’d like to tell you that I’ve never seen anybody that has no passion on architecture could do well. In fact, they are among the slowest , even they could sketch& design well. My key is – PASSION.

I had an experience asking a remarkable artist in Central Market, somewhere in Pasar Seni, on how to be able to sketch amazingly like them. His brief answer impressed me – You only have to ensure yourself that you are really walking in that path – which is keep doing a progress to what you are going to become. That is best enough to define a good student in architecture school.

Being an architect is not an easy path. We need to go against our sleep clock, put some effort, read dozens of books, brainstorming big time, and of course tawakkal from Allah. InsyaAllah we will be able to score well in architecture (regardless on how unskillful we are for the time being).

The mountain I meant was your aim to be an architect. What you have to do? Get some tools, and don’t wait. Climb that mountain! Every single step is precious, remember. You don’t have to whine about how difficult to climb that mountain, because if you’re not climbing, that means you are walking in flat surface with no obstacle and difficulty (that is not our choice!).

Speaking about studying in IIUM Gombak, I couldn’t tell much because there are many pros and cons where you should experience it yourself. For me, I love studying here. Theres an easy equation to tell you this, DON’T compare it with any other universities outside there when we don’t even experience it. Good luck!


Akmal Hakim Abdul Khalik

IIUM Gombak


18 Responses to Episod 170 : Taking Architecture – Unprepared?

  1. nadenth berkata:

    hard work is like stairs whereas luck is like a lift. lift may fail sometimes but whatever mayb d occasion, stairs will always get u to d top (:

  2. Fahira berkata:

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t

    Saya masih lagi menunggu result untuk SPM 2010. Skrg, saya perlu memilih course pilihan. Saya nak sangat jadi seorang architect. Jadi saya kenalah ambil seni bina kan? Tapi saya masih samar2 lagi ttg seni bina ni walau pun dah baca entry2 di sini. Saya pun bukan nya pandai melukis sgt. And i was kinda bad presenter in my school too, tapi saya sgt suka seni bina. Mcm kesimpulan nya ‘sgt suka tapi tak tahu apa2, talent pun mcm ada takde je’. Erm agak2 faham tak apa saya cuba sampaikan? Maaf kalau saya ckp belit2 sikit. Tapi saya sgt berharap penulis dapat membantu saya faham untuk buat apa dgn seni bina ni. harap2 saya temui solution before result keluar.

    Terima kasih..

    Email saya : adoredfy7@gmail.com

  3. asyraf berkata:

    Assalamualaikum bro , could you simply explain every single things to do for every single semesters in gombak for architecture students .

    What reading materials should i look for regarding architecture ?

    How to be a islamic archi students ,i mean , i heard the rumors that most of the archi students are very undisciplined and very social ( unacknowledged about the limit between men and women ). Can you give me tips to be a discipline architecture student?

    Lastly , does architecture really need drafting skills ? I mean , i’m a little bit weak in drafting ,and are there a lot of subjects require drafting skills ? because i heard we can use CAD program .

    Your answer will inspire me , thank you .


  4. Akmal Hakim berkata:

    Waalaikum salam wbt, asyraf.

    Great question indeed!

    1. From what I understand based on your question, you were asking about education don’t you? Well, I couldn’t tell much about the education for every semester here, since it will take a long script for me to write and note it down here. Briefly, here, we’re not really different like other schools of architecture, but our niche is the islamization of the knowledge.

    2. Reading materials differs from the preference of some students. I always look for more theoretical books compared to graphical books which doesn’t tell much. Okay, good news for you is, we can buy any books about architecture and we can use them until we embark on the real practice. Oh, on top of that, you need to know by hook or by crook we have to buy certain must-buy-books that we need for references (like details of construction, the green techs, etc).

    3. You can’t be an Islamic architecture student by just adapting the Islamic approaches in architecture or any theories of Islamization in architecture. The thing is we have to be prepared, careful, because this is not an easy life. Especially when we’ve been in a long period of tarbiyah, because the social environment is not really islamic (well that is to tell the truth). Get some friends that keep us from unhealthy lifestyle and the best remedy is yourself. Time is your best friend and might be your best enemy.

    4. I get what you mean. Well, for architects, its not the drafting skill we need. Because in drafting, everyone could do that. In fact I admit that even myself at first, couldn’t draft like others who studied technical drawings in high school. But the fact is, it is really easy. The essential skill is SKETCH. You can sketch or deliver your ideas through drawing, that is what good architects always do.

    Remember, architecture is not about how you can make a building. It is about how you interpret the context, society, lifestyle, time, and all sort of narration into architectonic design. If you think being an architect to simply create a building, lets just be a civil engineer instead 😛

    About the CAD thingy, yes, its one of the most important realization of architecture we do need nowadays. But in IIUM Gombak, you will need to do all in manual in the 1st and 2nd year. The third year everyone will start using computational renderings (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc).

  5. ct khadijah berkata:


    alhamdulillah…stelah rsult spm kluar kputusan sye mlyakkan sye memohon untk subjek seni bina dia mne2 universiti…sye sgt brminat dgan bdg ni…cuma yg sye sgt tkut…sye tdak mgmbil mtapelajaran seni visual atau lukisan kjuteraan di sek men…saye dri kelas aliran agama…sye ingin btnye adakah org sperti sye lyak untk mgmbil jurusan ni wlu xde basic dlm seni? rmai kwn2 sye ckp kat sye kte org mcm sye ni xlyak untk bdg ni….tpi sye sgt meminatinya…cuma ktika di sek sye memilih bdg agama di mana sye trpksa untk tdak mgmbil sub seni…sye pun x thu thap kmhiran sye mlukis…(mgkin ayt sye agk bputar2)…ap yg sye nk tnye pndpat “adkah org mcm sye boleh bjye dgan bdg ni?”
    n tolong terangkan ap yg pling pntg tntg course ni….
    email sye : khaty_m2m@yahoo.com.my

  6. wani tralala berkata:

    assalamualikum…saya ada interview kat utm kl untuk architecture pada 17/4…masalahnya saya tidak pandai/ fasih dlm english…rasa-rasa blh ke saya lepas interview itu?

  7. Akmal Hakim berkata:

    Waalaikum salam @ ct khadijah,

    Sesiapa sahaja boleh berjaya dalam bidang masing-masing. Kalau saya katakan yang sebaliknya pun, sesiapa sahaja boleh gagal dalam bidang masing-masing, itu pun benar.

    Terus terang untuk saya katakan, kalau saudari ada cita-cita, lupakan kata-kata sesiapa yang langsung tidak membantu kita mengejar cita-cita. Cita-cita adalah rakan kepada pedoman dan musuh kepada cadangan.

    Pilihan sentiasa berada di tangan kita, mahu atau tak mahu?

  8. Akmal Hakim berkata:

    waalaikumsalam @ wani tralala,

    Isu berkenaan fasih, memang selalu menjadi masalah dalam kalangan kita pelajar bangsa Melayu. Namun persoalaannya bagaimana nak berjaya tanpa kekuatan yang itu macam mana?

    Dalam dunia architecture ada caranya 🙂

    Dahulu, kalaulah saya pernah datang interview untuk program engineer kapal terbang, ada yang siap bawa model kapal terbang lagi untuk interview, masakan tidak bagi pelajar yang PASSIONATE untuk ke interview itu?

    Bawa portfolio, tunjukkan apa yang anda lukis, yang pernah design, dan yang paling penting, tunjukkan betapa minatnya anda dalam dunia seni bina ini.

    Satu lagi, ini penting, kenali bangunan-bangunan yang penting, arkitek-arkitek yang terkenal, ulangkaji sejenak tentang dunia seni bina.

    Dari situ, anda akan nampak sebenarnya english ini no.2, ilmu seni bina itulah sebenarnya no. 1 untuk lepas 🙂

  9. HambaAllah berkata:

    Salam. Saya nk bertanya, apa pandangan saudara tentang individu yg dah bergraduate dlm bidang seni, kemudian sambung master dlm architecture..Adakah akan menjadi sesuatu yg sukar bg dia utk adapt dgn persekitaran cabang ilmu yg baru..bagaimana pula tentang “apa perbezaan antara seni dgn architecture?”..beza jauhkah?..Utk makluman, individu tersebut dlm pengajian seni..Animasi. JZK

  10. amy roslan berkata:

    salam.. saya merupakan pelajar lepasan matrikulasi. saya ada interview dalam bidang architecture 29/4 nie.. saya dikenehendaki untuk membawa lukisan semasa saya sekolah. saya nak tanye lukisan apa yang patut saye bawak nanti?

  11. wannabewiseguy berkata:

    i totally agreed that PASSION is a crucial stuff. anyhow, can someone (like me) excel in this field of study if he got full of passion, but he got no creative imagination at all. can the creativity be built in ones’ mind?

  12. Akmal Hakim berkata:


    Great question indeed.

    If I may to describe a person without imagination, I can tell that person must lost his mind.

    If a person is like having no creative imagination, thats merely losing ideas!

    To get an idea, one should push himself a bit, and try to be explorative. This could help himself know the basic idea, and then crawl deeper into your mind.

    Another rule of thumb, DON’T LET INFERIORITY wrap your life. Don’t tell yourself you are incapable of having creative ideas, nor believe that you can’t do better. All you need is DO YOUR BEST.

    And yes, of course, creativity is inculcatable.

  13. Zaman Moden Purbakala berkata:

    what he said is true…in architecture we do really need a passion. the passion need to last longer as u pursue this course.It is not the passion before u want to get the is important.It is the passion along the study that u need. I got roomate who really love architecture but then has lost the the passion during the study..

  14. hulaimhuraira berkata:

    bro, amek archi part 2 ke kat maincamp..xperasan pun..saya amek archi part kt uia gombak gak…bru nk berjinak2 mnulis, mohon kongsi ilmu

  15. siti berkata:

    Saya tgh tggu rsult spm 2011 n sya ade problem utk mmilih antara kos architecture dgn kos interior desing..sbb kdua2 kos tu saya minat sgt..tp ayah saya ckp klu sye amek interior desing,pluang kerja sgt trhad sbb kerje dye lbih kpd swasta not public sector..tp bg saya jika saya pilih architecture saya xbrape yakin sbb saya ni prmpuan yg kne brsaing ngn kaum llki yg mmg hbat dlm bdg ni..dan kos ni lbh mmrlukn bnyk skill dri interior desing asalnye mmg saya nak jd arcitecture..
    Mohon pandangan anda..

  16. Akmal Hakim berkata:

    Waalaikumsalam @ siti,

    Usah berpandangan bahawa perempuan tidak mampu membuat dengan baik dalam design. Setiap orang boleh buat yang terbaik ikut kemampuan masing-masing.

    Tentang kerjaya, setelah habis senibina, tak bermakna peluang hanya menjadi arkitek, bahkan sangat banyak. Arkitek belajar sangat banyak perkara. Tentang swasta, saya tidak pernah dengar peluang kerjaya adalah terhad, kecuali bagi mereka yang tidak dapat skor dengan baik. Kerajaan juga menyediakan peluang banyak untuk lepasan senibina, terutamanya untuk sektor pembinaan daripada JKR. Begitu juga di universiti-universiti sekitar Malaysia sangat memerlukan pensyarah-pensyarah dari senibina.


  17. azr berkata:


    sy lepasan spm 2011.. sy mnat nak ambik architecture tp x pasti nak ambik ke x sbab x tau apa pluang kerjaya nya nanti? ssah ke nak cari prkjaan dlm bidang ni?

  18. daiyan aisy berkata:

    assalamualaikum…boleh bagitau pendapat tentang interior design usm?tq

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